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leveraging Collective Intelligence for Career Success

Risa Hiyama capitalized on the Coho network to secure her dream job at Netflix.

Knowing she needed more than just conventional methods to secure a position at Netflix, she sought guidance from the Coho network. With insights from experienced professionals familiar with the hiring process, she was better prepared and ultimately succeeded.

Join the Global Community: Professionals from Over 35 Countries and Hundreds of Top-tier Companies Are Part of Our Network.


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Navigating the constantly evolving landscape of your professional world demands making pivotal decisions daily, often with volatile information and unprecedented challenges. It can be daunting.

The most effective strategy to overcome these hurdles is to draw from the experiences of others and immerse yourself in a community of professionals who have already charted the course.

That's where Coho steps into your journey. As a member, you gain immediate access to a network of professionals dealing with similar challenges, and a personalized learning experience designed to tackle your unique day-to-day issues.

Highly Curated Experience
Our meticulous application and interview process are designed with one objective - to thoroughly understand your aspirations, experiences, and values.
We selectively onboard members based on their professional journey and dedication to growth, ensuring you join a group of fellows with shared challenges and a willingness to exchange insights.
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Unlock a wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by our Fellowship Partners and seasoned fellows. Our Fellowship Partners are leaders at high-impact organizations who are committed to fueling your growth trajectory.
Learn more about them here!
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Our fellowships foster a supportive environment for confidential discussions with competent peers during phases of growth or transition.
Rest assured that your insights will not be disclosed without your consent as you acquire new skills and explore opportunities.
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Your one-stop-shop for achieving your goals. Connect with peers, dive into your learning path, explore upcoming events, peruse our content libraries, and much more!
High Curated Experience

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At Coho, our strength lies in the diverse experiences and talents of our team members. With backgrounds from companies like On Deck, Webflow, Netflix, Coursera, Amazon, Salesforce, and InVision, we've spent our careers building and nurturing communities just like ours.


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