Core Guiding Values

Coho lives by four core guiding values, crucial to the culture we strive to foster in the community: 

Spirit of Service  ● Commitment to Growth  ●  Intentionality  ●  Confidentiality

Spirit of Service

We focus first on what we can give. Our community thrives because it is driven by a spirit of service to others. Be generous and open with your time, knowledge, and support. Others will do the same in return.

Examples in Action:

  • Offering resources that have helped you achieve your goals
  • Sharing opportunities that can help to boost other fellows’ careers (speaking gigs, consulting opportunities, job openings)
  • Jumping in to provide your experience with a tool being discussed
  • Connecting fellows to your network of people hiring or looking for jobs
  • Boosting/promoting the work of others

Commitment to Growth

Show up ready to learn from everyone. Each member of our community is committed to personal and professional growth and has something to share. Lean into the vulnerability that comes with evolving.

Examples in Action:

  • Sharing challenges you’re experiencing and being open to suggestions
  • Accepting and treating feedback as a gift
  • Seeking out new perspectives
  • Being willing to ask questions and admit when you don’t know something
  • Embracing challenges in your personal and professional lives instead of avoiding them


Honor the time that you and others have put into the process. Be thoughtful about how you engage with our community. Give and expect respect, set goals, follow through on commitments, and keep an open mind.

Examples in Action:

  • Attending the Mastermind sessions you’ve committed to
  • Being present during sessions: arriving on time, asking questions, reviewing resources, and reflecting on what you learned
  • Honor the time you’ve booked with others


By default, everything is off the record. Our community is a space where people can learn skills, explore opportunities, and share challenges during times of growth or transition. Our members can trust that their contributions will not be shared without their explicit permission.

Examples in Action:

  • Refraining from sharing that another fellow is looking for a new role, unless they gave you explicit permission